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Two are better than one – here’s why you need to have a second pair of glasses

Your eyes not only need great vision correction, they deserve a second pair of glasses for other visual needs. Think protection from the sun, preventing visual fatigue, sports practice, near vision comfort and more.

And just between you and us, how about a more daring, unapologetic style of glasses just for fun?

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Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a second pair:

Accidents Happen

Frame Game

Imagine if you dropped, bent or smashed your glasses, these accidents happen when you least expect it.

Having a second pair of eyeglasses is like having an insurance policy for your eyes. It usually takes a week or two to get a new pair of prescription glasses, and the time in-between can definitely make your life a living nightmare, especially if you need strong prescription!

Take it from us, you can’t go wrong with a spare pair of glasses.


One of the biggest reasons why people get multiple pairs of glasses is that they want to have a pair when heading outdoors, especially hiking, fishing or hitting the beach.

Why chose between the quality vision of your prescription glasses and the comfort and protection of sunglasses? You can have both and you can choose tinted, polarised or mirrored lenses.

In addition, a pair of prescription glasses that offers UV protection can help prevent eye diseases, especially cataracts.

Dedicated Work / Hobby / Sports Glasses

Many indoor hobbies such as reading, writing or gaming – to name just a few – require the ability to focus closely on fine details. On the other hand, outdoor activities like running and cycling require lenses that focus on distant objects.

Having an extra pair of glasses that are tailored for such activities will help alleviate eye strain.

In you find yourself spending hours in front of a screen, you may benefit from anti-fatigue spectacles designed to reduce digital eyestrain.

Make a Bold Fashion Statement

Most people have multiple pairs of shoes, bags and jewellery to match and accessorise their outfits. So why should you have one pair of glasses?

Why not enjoy wearing spectacles – and unapologetically opt for a more daring style?

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A Back-up to Contact Lenses

There may be times when you can’t wear contacts. For example, eye infections such as conjunctivitis, injuries or allergies. A second pair of glasses allows you to continue living your life when your eyes just can’t handle contact lenses.

Also, wearing contact lenses around the clock is never a good idea. The cornea needs oxygen to properly function and maintain clarity. Having an extra pair of glasses is great when you want to give your eyes a breather.

Your eyes will thank you for it!