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At Complete Vision Care, the focus is on you.
Personalised eye care, quality eye wear, all delivered in our warm friendly style.

Complete Vision Care - Your Eye
Clinic in O'Halloran Hill, South Australia

At Complete Vision Care, the focus is on you. We believe in taking the time to comprehensively examine your eyes and to explain your eye condition carefully. Our complete range includes Spectacles and Contact Lenses to sharpen your vision and also includes a range of Anti-Fatigue lenses to counter the effects of eye strain. We may also recommend treatments for Dry Eye or Vision Therapy to improve your visual comfort.

Our optometrist, Margaret Kirkman, emphasizes preventative eye care particularly for children as their eyes are still developing.

Eye care services include:
Comprehensive Eye Tests for Adults and Children
Eye Health Checks and Dry Eye Management
Spectacles and Designer Glasses
Contact Lenses and Myopia Prevention
Behavioural Optometry and Vision Therapy

Comprehensive Exams

We are fully equipped with the latest technology including wide-field retinal scans.

Woman getting her eyes checked with a computer in the foreground

Contact Lens Tests

If you decide to opt for contact lens wear, it is critical that your lenses fit properly and that contact lens safety and hygiene are followed.

Woman wearing contact lenses

Expert Eye Care

Our optometrist has a simple and comprehensive approach to optimal eye care, taking a preventative approach to vision correction and maintaining your overall eye health.


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